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Chinese Lutheran Church
12143 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072

Sunday Service Times

9:30AM-11PM – Chinese Service
11:40AM-1PM – English Service

9:30AM-10AM – Children’s Church (Age 5-18)
10AM-11AM – Children Sunday School (Age 5-18)
11:30AM-1PM – Nursery Sunday School (Age 0-5)

What We Believe

Our History

Find out more about Chinese ministry here.

English ministry – As the children of the original members of Chinese Lutheran Church grew up, there was a demand for a youth ministry. Eventually the English ministry was founded under Pastor Chris Kim’s guidance. Today the English ministry’s members range from middle schoolers to families with young children.


Pastor Chris Kim
Deacon Laura Black
Deacon Daniel Chu
Deacon Klinton Law
Deacon Joann Phan
Deacon Weili Wang
Deacon Elaine Yao